When searching for the right location for your wedding, there are several simple and easy ways to reduce the flooding costs. From choosing a Friday night to creating your own playlist, a few simple and easy switches can significantly reduce unnecessary wedding day expenses.

  1. Choose a venue that allows outside vendors

Many venues will require the use of in-house catering, DJ, bartender or photographer services. However, using a venue which lets you bring in your own vendors will allow for extensive savings. Ask a trusted friend to take photos. Buy your own alcohol from a discount liquor store. If you don’t want to pay for a DJ through a venue or independently, create your own wedding playlist. Then you can fully design the mood you want throughout the evening. Catering options are endless, from a multitude of local food services to your relatives’ kitchen. Get creative and compare prices. Either way, bringing in your own vendor will almost always be far cheaper and potentially more satisfying to your unique tastes.

  1. Host the ceremony and reception at the same place

Extending your time slot at one location will almost always be cheaper than reserving and decorating two separate venues for the ceremony and reception. In addition to venue and decoration costs, opting for one location will also save on time and confusion. Consider out-of-town guests who may get lost in transit.

  1. Timing is everything

Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday afternoon in springtime. However, when evaluating costs, a simple change in date and day of the week could save thousands in venue costs. Consider a week night wedding during the wedding off-season: November 1 through March 31. If you’re concerned about out-of-town guests with weekday jobs, even choosing a Friday night instead of Saturday will usually reflect well-reduced rates.

  1. Say no to open bars

Alcohol is not cheap, and this situation can lead to a great deal of wasted budget dollars. For most caterers if it’s open, you bought it. Instead consider choosing a select few beers or wines along with a fun signature cocktail. This will allow for some variety without too much waste. Additionally, nix the champagne toast because there’s nothing sadder for a bride on a budget to see tables lined with half full glasses. People can toast with any drink.

  1. Don’t say “wedding”

Some recent studies have indicated several vendors will charge extra for weddings then other corporate events or ceremonies. Bridal bargain expert and author Alan Fields advised most venues will offer a 25 to 30 percent cheaper price if the “w” word is left out.

  1. Consider the venue’s capacity to fit your guest list

While most venues will stretch their available capacity to accommodate more couples, it may not always be the most comfortable. Consider asking what number of guests would be “most successful” in the given space. Just because the venue can technically fit 300 people, doesn’t mean that people should fill the space.

Looking For An Event Venue Just Outside Nashville?

The Depot Square Event Space provides open seating for up to 500 guests and boast the city’s largest dance floor at over 1,400 square feet. Built in 1926. This historic building resides just outside Nashville in the heart of Gallatin, TN. This rustic space combines past and present, bridging history and the making of new moments.

The competitive pricing, massive space and flexibility make the Depot Square stand out as an ideal wedding venue. There are no restrictions in selecting vendors or limiting guest lists. At approximately 10,000 square feet, the immense site allows easy versatility. Visit 254 W Eastland St. for a free tour of the historical event space or call 615-206-3412 for an appointment.